How to Design a Logo Which Works?

Designing a logo for a website is one of the basic but most creative steps. A logo is something which represents your business and gives your customers an idea about your product/service. That’s why; it needs a lot of attention. Following are some of the fundamental steps that need to be taken care of:


One should start with brainstorming sessions. If you are businessman who is trying to launch his website, you need to sit with a graphic designer and discuss different ideas you have in mind. A graphic designer would be able to give a picture to your idea. The idea will consist of shapes, colors and images you want to use for your business. After that, you can give some time to the graphic designer and he will come up with few sketches. You can either pick one of them or ask him to make some changes. It is important to ensure that your design is simple with attractive colors which suit your business sector.


Another important aspect of logo design is versatility. A logo should be able to adopt changes or additions. In this way, you would be able to recreate the design in different formats by using the same logo. Let’s say you want to branch out your company, you can use the same logo and add something related to your new business and you are good to go. But if your logo design would be too typical or complicated, it won’t give you much room for versatility. You can easily use a bunch of different things or patterns in your logo but you need to ask yourself “What if I need to make some changes in there or reproduce it? Will there be enough room?”


If I say colors are the integral part of any logo, it won’t be an overstatement. Colors actually hold a lot of emotions and depending upon your business, you need to pick the ones that fit perfectly. For example, a lot of real estate brands use the color blue or red in their logos whereas cosmetic companies make sure that pink color is a part of their logos.

Also, if your logo has multiple colors, its cost will increase and recreating them would also be an issue. That’s why; if you want your logo design cost to be minimal, make sure that it doesn’t have a lot of colors. Try to be creative while choosing the colors for your logo. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t stick to the limited choices that Illustrator offers. Try to create your own color palettes.

Simple and innovative

As we have discussed before that your logo design should be simple but that doesn’t mean it will have typical circles or squares or triangles. Try to break the mold in the literal sense. For example, if you are using a circle for your logo, you can twist or taper it a little to give it a different shape. Use a pen tool and make it look simple yet stunning.

Text Fonts

Once your logo design is complete, there comes the text part. A logo usually has the company or brand’s name attached to them. For that, you need to pick a perfect text font which suits your business sector. For example, if your brand belongs to fashion industry, you can use stylish fonts but if the logo belongs to a university or educational institute, it has to look professional. If you are using a brand statement or tag line, it should gel well with your logo design and text too.

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